"Creating emotion from the intersection of light and action"
I have been passionate about photography since childhood. I always felt there was something special about the the people in our lives who chose to capture the important moments and share them with us. From those early days to now I try to always have a camera with me.
My focus has always been on people and the ability a great image has to impact emotions. Life moves fast, we have a lot going on and it is easy for it blur into a hazy memory. Capturing the important moments in our lives and showing them in a way that allows people to relive them is an incredible privilege.
While most of us have access to fantastic cameras these days (what our phones can do is amazing) not everyone has the time or experience to capture the incredible moments in the lives of our family and friends. This is why I volunteer my time and equipment to capture these memories for my community. This has included my local swimming, soccer and life saving clubs.
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